Social Media Hellscape - My Twitterpocalypse

Twitter Apocalypse 800 copy.jpg

As I've been trying to get my blog working - that is to say properly connected to social media, it's been... trying.  Since I needed to once again test to see if it's connecting to anything other than some Hellscape-social-media-apocalypse-dimension, I thought I'd make it a bit more fun.  Here we are.

Drag and drop they say... to where?  See above - Hellscape-social-media-apocalypse-dimension (HE'SMAD) 

Facebook and Instagram have behaved relatively well, but Twitter has been the particular Imp of HE'SMAD.  First nothing shows up in Twitter - or so I thought.  But noooo... through some arcane portal to HE'SMAD, tweets have gone to some quasi-Schrodinger Twitter account that I don't even remember creating.  I thought you could only have a Twitter account that's attached to an email...  

"Oh how wrong you are!"  The demon of HE'SMAD cackled.

And of course, this HE'SMAD twitter account has people following it.  So, I proceed to send them messages, flying the plague flag of my Twitter-ignorance for all to see.  This, shall we say, has proven subpar when it comes to the ego front.

Finally, I engage in battle.  Emails, account passwords and cryptic Twitter-cantations fly, all while I'm beating back the shrieking HE'SMAD hordes as they try over and over again to force me to log into the unholy pocket hell account that should never have been spawned...


It is 9:26am and my old confidante Jose Quervo is singing me sweet Mariachi love songs.

But, I digress.

I suppose learning that you have created Twitter accounts should be a blessing.  That they don't work and play well with each other makes them rather like children.  You're unwanted Hell-spawned children.

As I go forth in hopes of conquering the HE'SMAD legions, I hope my frustrations provide inspiration for those battling the seething storms of Twitterpocalypse.  You are not alone.  

Vaya con Carne and a pleasant day to you all.