Film has always been a great love of Marshal’s. 

Visual storytelling is a medium he’s explored in both sculpture and theater, but it was only in 2010 that he began to explore independent filmmaking.  “Film is a perfect art,” someone once said, “because it requires incorporation of the other arts to be bring it to life.” 

Marshal writes, directs, produces and sometimes acts in projects with a core group of friends.  Mostly they do horror films.  His wife Jenn and their filmmaking friends are dyed in the wool horror folk, so that’s the bent most of their work takes.  One of his joys in filmmaking is watching his friends succeed.  It’s hard work, hardly the glamorous pursuit most people think it is, but it is fun and rewarding for those mad enough to put in the work.

Writing for film is a very different skill than long form fiction and so has been a whole new experience.  Marshal has numerous short film projects in the works and a few feature scripts he continues to work with as time goes on. 

Marshal and Jenn got together based on their love of filmmaking, so most of what they do flies under the banner of her production company, Coffee N Donutz Productions.  He produces veteran oriented content, such as “Four Days in December,” under a separate brand, Fulmine Ferri Productions.

Four Days In December

In December of 2016 Marshal joined thousands of other veterans who deployed to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation with Veterans for Standing Rock.  Their mission was to act as human shields for Water Protectors battling the Dakota Access pipeline being plowed through their treaty lands.  Peaceful and prayerful, the Water Protectors had endured months of brutalization at the hands of militarized police and heavily armed private security contractors. 


Recent Projects: 


(Associate Producer, Actor)
Coffee N Donutz Productions
Adapted for the screen and Directed by Jenn George Hunter

In This Economy

(1st AD, Actor)
Frankenhuffer Productions
Written, Directed, Shot by Ty Huffer