Marshal’s original majors in college, engineering and archaeology, both required things to fit into neat little boxes.  After four years in the Navy, both of these pursuits felt like more of the same old thing.  Finally becoming frustrated with the realities of a future in archaeology, he decided it was time to change the game.  He shifted his major to sculpture, throwing out all the old models and giving creativity free reign in his life - for better or worse.  Everything he did in art had to have a story behind it, he’d been telling stories of one form or another his whole life.  But it wasn’t until 2009 that he started writing seriously.

“I write as a form of self-defense, to get the stories out of my head.”

Once he started writing seriously, worlds, stories and ideas that had been percolating for years suddenly leapt to the foreground, demanding to be written.  Many worlds now wait for their time to be written.  But there are only so many hours in the day.

Marshal’s love of film collided with his writing with the idea of creating a web series based in the Æsterverse.  This brought him into collaboration with Jenn George who is now his now wife.  From that time on, filmmaking and visual storytelling have been a part of the creative mix.   



Black Gallant

The second book in the series began by “The Tomahawk Incident,” currently in work.  “Black Gallant” opens up more of the Æsterverse to our main character Katja and her friends. 

The Tomahawk Incident

The first pages of “The Tomahawk Incident” began as background for Steampunk art he was creating.  But it didn’t take long for the world those initial pages envisioned to take over everything else. 


Four Days in December

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