“The Tomahawk Incident” is the first book in a series taking place in the “Æsterverse.”  In the Æsterverse, a strange, gaseous substance called the Æster blankets two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, it’s clouds stretching from the poles to twenty-three degrees north and south latitude.  Of the superconductive and highly corrosive clouds many properties, it’s greatest is the Draw.  The Draw pulls objects upward into it, beginning from the Æster floor at ten thousand feet.  Thus, not only do heavier than air Æsterships prowl the clouds, but entire cities float, suspended between gravity and the draw.  Beneath the æster’s glowering cloud cover, the Cities of Light stand as beacons of civilization.  The greatest is London, an expression of British imperial might standing in defiance against the darkness.  But there are other empires in on the ground.  Britain’s enemies, the Ottoman Empire and the Chinese have their own cities of light and æsterships.  But for all their terrestrial power, they are unaware that forces are moving in the skies above them that threaten them all. 

The Tomahawk Incident is the story of Rescue Marine Major Katja Kryzanowski.  A failed assassination attempt is her first warning that she’s become embroiled in a war she knows nothing about - nor does anyone else on the ground.  The warlord Asher Koora follows a mystical prophecy that he believes will lead him to absolute rulership over the skies.  And his seers have identified Katja Kryzanowski as a threat to his ascension.